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If you are interested in utilizing one of the forms listed in the Forms and Documents area, please be do not edit or distribute any forms without written permission from the SEVAG and the creator of the form. If you would like to submit a form or document, please contact us. The SEVAG reserves the right to accept pr reject any form submission.


Public Documents - Businesses

#   Name   Added by   Date Added   File Size
1 600+ Ways to Utilize a Virtual Assistant
600+ Ways to Utilize a Virtual Assistant
Admin 01-23-2011 3,272.37 KB
2 Multiple Offer Notification Letter
Multiple Offer Notification Letter
09-08-2010 13.69 KB
3 Short Sale - Borrower Info Sheet
Borrower Informaiton Intake sheet for Short Sales
Admin 08-26-2010 82.50 KB
4 Hardship Letter - Sample
Sample Hardship Letter
Admin 08-26-2010 10.68 KB
5 GMAC Short Sale Worksheet
GMAC Short Sale Worksheet & Financial Analysis
Admin 08-26-2010 363.68 KB
6 IRS Form 4506-T
IRS Form 4506-T Short Sale Requirement form to collect from Sellers.
Admin 08-26-2010 92.36 KB
7 Short Sale Intake Sheet
Short Sale Intake sheet for brokers and agents in the Short Sale Industry. Word 2007 Version.
Admin 08-26-2010 120.50 KB
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